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Features and Benefits



Offloads Manual Processes

Imagine error-free automatic invoicing during your billing cycle and price structure of your choosing – without additional staff or network resources! Unlimited pricing structures allow you to invoice each class of customer at their specific service level. Promotions, time-limited offers and special discounts are automatically managed, billed, terminated or renewed to your specifications. Additionally, Rodopi’s automated collection for credit card customers ensures steady revenue streams. The software will also automatically disable non-paying customers and re-enable them once their payment is received. This greatly speeds collection of outstanding balances and eliminates phantom revenues from non-paying customers.

Bill for Any Type or Number of Services

Rodopi allows service providers to bill for any type or number of IP services. Complex service bundles can be configured with any number or type of service, enabled, activated and billed with one itemized invoice.

Limit Expenses and Churn

Everyday mundane manual tasks and costly billing errors are eliminated, greatly reducing employee overtime and eliminating customer frustrations over billing mistakes.

Offer New Services or Pricing Structures

Flexible billing features allow providers to quickly change service offerings or even adopt a completely new pricing structure. Rodopi's inherent flexibility allows you to offer and bill for any single or bundled IP-based service plan.



Unlimited number of pricing schemes and services can be maintained and billed.

Promotions, special discounts and limited offers are billed, managed, renewed and terminated automatically.

Numerous plug-n-play payment and credit card gateway integrations

Ability to add custom or one-time fees for hardware, equipment setup, DSL installation, etc.

Fully customizable invoices.

Multiple currencies.

Variety of payment methods - credit card, ACH, check, prepaid cards, top-off cards.

Real time rating engine.

Batch payments - greatly speeds applying cash and check payments.

Automatic invoice dispatching via email or hard copy.

Automatically suspends service for late payments and reactivates service when payment is received.

Support for complicated commission schemes.

Support for a variety of billing periods: weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and custom.

Usage caps and thresholds limit the usage a customer can accumulate thus preventing abuse of your service.

Features and Benefits