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Features and Benefits

Customer Care


Increasing competition and higher customer expectations have continuously driven improvements in customer care levels. As a result customers have become "spoiled" and now demand a whole new level of service. Today's customers expect to be able to easily sign up for service at any time of the day, and use that service immediately. Customer also expect to view invoices, change payment information, and view usage on the account in real time. Furthermore, high quality technical support is also a necessity to retain today's "spoiled" customer.

Such a high level of customer care and technical support is impossible to achieve without an integrated system like Rodopi. The customer self-care interface in Rodopi allows the customer to easily manage all aspects of their account while concurrently purchasing new add-on services. Rodopi's API allows businesses to fully customize these interfaces to fit the current look and feel of their web sites. Finally, the Rodopi ticket system manages the high volume of tech support inquiries and greatly increases the efficiency of the entire tech support service.



Cut Customer Care Expenses

Rodopi's easy to use customizable self-care interfaces will draw your customers in. Soon they will forget about bothering to call your office! Practically all tasks that previously involved customer care over the phone can now be completed faster and easier over the web. Management can dramatically decrease expenses spent on customer care and can focus on more strategic issues.

Satisfied Customers

According to a recent study of service providers, the most hated customer experience is waiting on hold on the phone and pressing multiple numbers to get the to right department or person. With the Rodopi self care interface customers will never need to experience the dreaded on-hold music. They can easily and quickly complete all needed tasks with a click of the mouse. The resulting high customer satisfaction will undoubtedly lead to high customer retention. Furthermore, providers can now lure unsatisfied customers from the competition, which cannot perform at such high levels of customer care.

Endless Possibilities

Rodopi's API allows providers to fully customize any interfaces seen by the customer. This allows providers to "blend" the Rodopi interface with an existing web site (web-interfaces), allowing older customers to see what they are used to. Furthermore, the API allows providers to "insert" the Rodopi customer interface into existing customer care web tools such as control panels. In fact, Rodopi is already integrated with best-of-breed server management products, which provide such control panels (see our partners page for more info ).

Help Your Resellers

Recently, many businesses have shown stunning customer growth due to a vibrant reseller network. However, resellers often cannot afford an extensive customer care billing system and thus cannot offer quality customer care. With the Rodopi brandable customer care interface, each reseller can be supplied with their own branded self management interface. Even though the system is hosted at the parent company, the end customer will only see the reseller's brand. Thus your resellers can offer an extremely high level of customer care without a major IT purchase.

Technical Support

Technical support is often the main source for lost revenues as well as customer dissatisfaction. Businesses often spend large amounts on technical support, but still manage to provide only mediocre levels of support. Rodopi tackles the above problem in two ways. A sophisticated ticket system organizes all technical support problems - thus reducing the time and effort required to answer the problems. The system also keeps a detailed history of all customer tech support problems, and allows managers to easily review employee performance. A knowledge management system gathers information from different sources (existing documents, employee customer correspondence), and organizes it in such a way that facilitates easy retrieval. Thus, a question only has to be answered once (since over 80% of tech support questions are repeat questions). Therefore, Rodopi greatly reduces expenses for tech support personnel. Problems that previously required elaborate explanation over the phone can now be answered simply with the click of a mouse. Visit our Rodopi Knowledge Base page for more info on the knowledge management product.



Easy access to all customer data through a self care web interface.

Ability to view detailed historical data such as: invoices and usage tracking.

You're always open! Sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each and every customer interface can be customized using the API.

The following documents are automatically generated: late fee, suspension of account, reminder of an upcoming fee, credit card expiration, welcome letter and more.

Extensive ticket system improves tech support employee efficiency.

Ticket system keeps track of and archives all customer inquiries. Very helpful in case of a dispute with the customer.

Ability to offer "a la carte" services, and to "up-sell" your existing customers.

Features and Benefits