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Features and Benefits



For IP services, provisioning can be defined as the process of expediting all the tasks between receiving a request for a service (for example: access to a web-enabled application from a potential customer) and making that service available to the customer. Automated provisioning is vital for the success of an IP services provider for two reasons. The first is quite obvious, immediate activation of accounts means high customer satisfaction and retention. The other reason, which is not so apparent, is that manual activation of accounts is a major expense, since it must be done by highly paid network or server administrators.

Rodopi's unique provisioning engine tackles both of the above issues, and allows providers to keep customer satisfaction high while reducing expenses on highly trained personnel. What sets Rodopi apart from other products that advertise automatic provisioning is the inherent flexibility of our provisioning engine. Rodopi uses standard protocols (XML, HTTP, FTP, SQL, LDAP) and can provision any custom account data to nearly any external server or system. (For more information visit the solution papers section ).



Cut Expenses on Highly Trained Staff

Rodopi activates, deletes, or modifies accounts on remote servers thus greatly reducing the need for highly paid server administrators.

No Need to Purchase New Infrastructure

Many billing solutions may not be able to work with a provider's existing servers, systems, or routers. The provider may be forced to purchase new software or hardware, an added expense anyone would wish to avoid. Rodopi's provisioning engine uses standard transport protocols and thus will work with all current servers and systems on the market.

Rapid Revenue Collection

Rodopi's provisioning engine automatically suspends service of non-paying customers, a very effective method of "reminding" the customer of their responsibilities.

Offer New Services or Change Business Model Rapidly

The flexibility of the provisioning engine allows businesses to provision any custom account data (passwords, server IPs etc.) to any external servers or system. Thus businesses can quickly offer new services (VoIP, real media, online photo album etc.) hosted on external servers. Rodopi will create the accounts on these servers just as it does for current offerings (web hosting, dial in etc.)

Endless Possibilities

We realize that we can never meet every single business requirement that a service provider may have. Thus we have built interfaces for custom "plug ins". Providers may develop their own applications, which perform some function specific to their business model, and tie them to Rodopi's provisioning engine via the available interfaces.



Automatic creation, modification, deletion of accounts on DNS servers via BIND 9 protocol

Automatic creation, modification, deletion of accounts on any external database via TSQL statements

Automatic creation, modification, deletion of accounts on LDAP servers

Automatic creation, modification, deletion of accounts on any other servers or systems, which support XML, HTML, FTP, SQL, LDAP

Ability to add a custom developed plug in (script, small application) to the Rodopi provisioning engine

Features and Benefits