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Features and Benefits



The competitiveness of the internet business is constantly increasing. Today's customers have many choices and are constantly being bombarded with new offers and promotions. Therefore, today more than ever, well thought out marketing campaigns are a key to success. Marketing campaigns must be well-targeted; "spamming" thousands of customers with a "special offer" no longer works. A business must know their customers and send personalized offers to each customer demographic. Furthermore, today's internet marketplace is one of the most dynamic marketplaces ever. What was hot yesterday is not hot today and what is hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Thus, a marketing department must not only have innovative campaigns but must also know in real time how effective these campaigns are, and be able to quickly change them if needed.

With Rodopi, a marketing department is always informed of how many new customers and how much new revenue each marketing method brings. Rodopi also utilizes customer information gathered through different channels to allow marketing executives to clearly separate different types of customers and send tailored offers to specific groups. And since Rodopi is 100% web based, executives can check the performance of their marketing campaigns 24/7 from anywhere in the world.



Use the Marketing Budget Effectively

With Rodopi, executives get real time reports of how much revenue each marketing campaign is bringing their business. Thus, they can manage their budget more effectively. Non-profitable campaigns are eliminated and funds are directed into profitable campaigns.

Target Specific Groups with Customized Offers

Spamming an entire customer base with a marketing piece is often not a smart business decision, as it creates customer dissatisfaction, which is usually not offset by sales made from the marketing piece. Rodopi gives executives vast information about their customers. It also allows executives to use that information to send custom-made offers to a specific group of customers (for example: all customers from Texas, all customers with only one email account, etc.)



Real time marketing reports

Capture "referred by" information for each customer at sign up

Send mass emails to a specific group of customers

Features and Benefits