White Papers

Rodopi White Paper

Describes how providers can use Rodopi to cut costs and increase sales and customer satisfaction. This document also illustrates some of RODPI's unique features and advantages over other solutions. Download PDF

Rodopi: Implementing a Secure and Load-balanced System.

Describes how providers can best secure their customer data, without sacrificing any functions or features of the billing system. In addition, the paper explains how to install the software so that customers have quick access to their accounts and to the subscription pages. Download PDF

Web Hosting Solution Papers

  • Rodopi helps hosting providers meet and exceed their goals. Download PDF
  • Rodopi's integration with Bandwidth Management Devices allows web hosting providers to offer high bandwidth service to higher end customers while stopping abuse of services by low paying customers. Download PDF
  • Rodopi helps web hosting providers maximize revenues by accurately charging for bandwidth usage. Download PDF