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Bandwidth Management

Key Benefits

Unlock new revenue possibilities - providers can now collected additional revenues for bandwidth on top of the usual monthly fees for services.

Stop abusers - bandwidth abuse is eliminated.

High customer satisfaction - customers will have guaranteed bandwidth for important applications. The only customers that will be unhappy are the ones that are trying to abuse your services and get free bandwidth.

Cut expenses - when bandwidth is well accounted for providers will not have to constantly purchase more bandwidth, which quickly gets used by abusers.

Satisfy SLAs - with accurate bandwidth billing and restrictions providers can be confident that each customer will get the bandwidth he has paid for and thus the service agreement for the service purchased will be satisfied.

New markets - high end customers are willing to pay more but demand guaranteed upload / download / connect speeds . With Rodopi's bandwidth manager providers can guarantee such speeds and thus offer services to a whole new target market.

Reports - customers can view the amount of traffic they have generated in certain period.

Bandwidth Management