Rodopi Knowledge Base


Provides 24-Hour Technical Support without a 24-Hour Call Center

Rodopi’s Knowledge Base provides online customer care by gathering customer questions and matching them to technical and informational documents housed in the data base. Knowledge Base provides customers with fast, up-to-date online information on a 24/7 basis and frees your sales and technical support staff to deal with more complex issues. This fully configurable support solution cuts costs and provides thorough customer care by offering:

Anytime, Anywhere Customer Support – Customers outside your time zone don’t have to wait for your office hours to get answers. Rodopi Knowledge Base stores all the technical, engineering and sales documents that contain information regarding your customers’ most frequently asked questions (FAQs) and applications. These documents can be accessed whenever and wherever the need arises through any web browser.

Reduces Technical Support Costs – There’s no need for round-the-clock customer support shifts or significant amounts of overtime to answer customer questions. Rodopi Knowledge Base is open for business all day and all night.

Ease-of-Use – Customers can ask questions and find the answers within seconds either by browsing the data base by simply searching keywords or categories. Documents can also be organized to provide quick answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Measurable Customer Feedback – All answers can be rated by the customer to provide usable feedback. Rodopi Knowledge Base automatically sorts answers based on these ratings as well as customer click-thoughs to specific documents. Answers rated unsatisfactory are forwarded to a higher level to be addressed and revised.

Discussion Board - Customers can use the Discussion Board built into Rodopi Knowledge Base as a forum to post and review information regarding best-known-methods, installation questions and many other issues. The Discussion Board also allows you to track service issues and review questions that are most prominent on customers’ minds in order to provide the most efficient and up-to-date service to your clients and resellers.

Up-to-date Information – By posting your most current documentation, customers can access latest information regarding product upgrades, revisions and new service updates as they become available.

With Rodopi Knowledge Base ISP, ASP, hosting and VoIP service providers can provide their customers with a comprehensive online customer service solution that includes:
  • Low cost, highly available customer care solution
  • Direct e-mail link to customer support for private or undefined questions
  • Accessible information stored in defined categories
  • Robust search functionality