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Features and Benefits

The Rodopi OLAP module will greatly increase the productivity of business managers and developers within the entire organization. The inherent flexibility of OLAP systems means users of your Rodopi can become self-sufficient. Managers are no longer dependent on administrators to generate complex reports.

More importantly the OLAP module enables the staff to generate reports that would be impossible to generate using any other system with lengthy and inconsistent response times. Such control and timely access to strategic information will inevitable equal more effective decision-making and thus success of your business.

Listed below are some sample reports easily generated by the OLAP cube:

  1. Revenue by Type of Payment (CASH, CC, ACH etc.) for 2002 by quarter and total for 2001
  2. Revenue by Transaction Type and Customer Type for 2002
  3. Revenue by zip code for 2001, entries under $200 are blackened
  4. US and UK revenue by Transaction Type for 2002 by quarter
  5. Sales of NetPass Plans by sales person for 2002