Reasons to Upgrade to 5.4      

Application Program Interface (API)
The XML based API introduced in Rodopi 5.4, PIRIN XR, allows service providers greater ability to customize the “front end” of Rodopi software. This allows ISPs, ASPs, web hosts and VoIP providers the opportunity to increase online sales by creating a customized sign-up interface that enables and activates services 24/7.

PIRIN XR enables companies to create a truly secure environment for customer data. Hosting Rodopi 5.4 in a highly restricted part of the network allows service providers to host the sign-up forms in a non-restricted area. PIRIN XR is used as the intermediary between the sign-up forms and the database. PIRIN XR uses XML, so all of the customer data on the sign-up forms can automatically be transferred to the Rodopi database without being affected by the firewall.

Full Integration with Existing Systems
PIRIN XR uses XML which allows companies to push and pull data into the Rodopi database from any type of application, regardless of whether the application is UNIX or Linux based. Existing UNIX and Linux-based systems can be integrated with Rodopi so that all of the customer data from that system can be pushed to the Rodopi database in real time.

Fraud Prevention
Rodopi 5.4’s credit ranking system assigns an individual credit score to each customer. Designed to limit credit card fraud, Rodopi 5.4 allows service providers the ability to restrict customers suspected of fraud from activating services. Another option in Rodopi 5.4 allows these customers to activate service and then sends a warning to the administrator immediately upon activation.

Tracks Customer Referrals
With Rodopi 5.4’s referral tracking feature, providers can ask new customers to enter the referral source that directed them to the site in order to track company marketing efforts. Companies can specify a credit amount to be given to the customer providing the referral either immediately or when the referred customer has subscribed to the service for a certain period of time.

Accounting Controls
Rodopi 5.4 prevents fraudulent transactions from ruining a company’s accounting data with a void transaction operation feature that allows companies to void a transaction to exclude the data from all recurring reports and billing records. Additionally, Rodopi 5.4 gives companies the option to void transactions for customers who have canceled service and refuse to pay their last bill which keeps billing information and accounting data accurate.