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2003 News

Rodopi Software and Ensim Announce New Integrated Solution for Hosting Service Providers

San Diego, Calif., October 20, 2003 - Rodopi Software, a leading provider of automated billing, provisioning and customer care for service providers, today announced the immediate availability of a new automated plug-in billing solution for easy integration with Ensim WEBppliance control panels.

This new integrated solution will enable hosting service providers (HSPs) and their resellers to automate the billing, provisioning, customer care and management of hosting services. Automation of manual technical and business processes allows service providers to offer new and existing customers better service, control personnel costs and become more profitable.

“This solution will allow end users to order web hosting plans from a Web site, receive immediate credit card verification, and have their web hosting plans provisioned in a server and activated in a matter of minutes without human intervention,” said Art Ekroos, executive vice president of Rodopi Software. “This automation will work for server farms as well as individual servers.”

Many of the top U.S. service providers already rely on Rodopi and Ensim to efficiently run their business and deliver hosting services to their customers. However, now customers have a broader solution with a single user interface to handle server management and billing/account management.

“The integration of Rodopi’s billing software with our market leading control panels enables hosting providers to offer their customers a total, professional grade solution for managing their Web sites,” said Sandip Gupta, vice president of business development for Ensim Corporation. “We are pleased that Rodopi has joined our growing list of top-tier vendors to provide value-added solution for our customers.”

The Rodopi integrations are with Ensim WEBppliance Pro for Linux and Ensim WEBppliance Pro for Windows and this integration is available for Rodopi Version 5.4 and newer.

About Ensim Corporation
Ensim Corporation is the leading global provider of software for the Web and application hosting industry. More than 12,000 service providers worldwide use Ensim’s products to automate the provisioning, metering and management of their hosting offerings. Ensim software currently hosts more than 500,000 Web sites and five million mailboxes, with an annual growth rate exceeding 100 percent. For more information about our leading hosting management software, please visit our Web site at www.ensim.com, or call toll free 1-877-693-6746 within the United States or 1-408-745-3300 outside the United States.

About Rodopi
Rodopi is the worldwide leading web-based solution providing a comprehensive billing, provisioning & customer care automation suite for Web Hosting companies, ISPs, CLECs, ASPs and ITSPs. Rodopi enables service providers to automatically perform time-consuming, manual technical and business processes to quickly improve profitability. By automating these manual processes, service providers can immediately reduce overhead, headcount, expenses and customer churn, while increasing revenues and profitability. It also provides a fully integrated trouble-ticket system for fully automated 24 by 7 technical support. For more information about our leading automation management software, please visit our Web site at www.rodopi.com, or call toll free 1-877-476-3674 within the United States or 1-858-410-6985 outside the United States.


Art Ekroos
Rodopi Software

2003 News