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2004 News


Keynote luminaries from Rodopi, Register.com and TheWHIR join Hostopia to present market-critical issues of interest to hosting service providers

November 11, 2004, Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Hostopia announces its second online seminar, Hosting 2005 Update: Market Trends for Service Providers in Email and Hosting. This panel event will follow the acclaimed format attended in 2003 by over 600 hosting industry professionals. Featured panelists will present and discuss the most important trends for the small business hosted services industry, focusing on customer and revenue growth, building stronger margins, reducing customer churn and controlling costs.

The session will feature experienced industry leaders: Franc Nemanic, president, Hostopia; Todd Benjamin, president, Rodopi Software; Jack Brandt, Business Development Manager, Global Partner Network, Register.com; and Liam Eagle, editor-in-chief, Web Host Industry Review. The session will be held on Tuesday, November 16, 2004 at 2:00 p.m. EST, to be followed by a live, moderated discussion making expert panelists available to a call-in audience.

Session moderator, Paul D. Engels comments,”This session will appeal to both large, experienced hosting service providers and smaller organizations looking to launch or improve their current hosting and email offerings. This is not a sales pitch or infomercial. Our audience will have access to decades of experience from some of the industry’s most knowledgeable experts who will tackle revenue, churn and back-office issues, head-on, with solutions.”

Formatted specially for a target audience of ISPs, Telco’s, domain registrars and other web hosting companies, the online seminar combines a presentation format rich with industry trends, metrics and useful data on hosting growth rates, churn statistics and average revenue points. A question-answer program will elaborate on details covering the latest product features, business consumer demand patterns and back-office (OSS-BSS) challenges to delivering a successful hosting service.

The Hosting 2005 Update will address ways in which service providers can enhance their B2B hosting and email business and reduce financial risks based on the projected business trends for 2005. Attendees will see clear indications of which product categories and market segments can offer greatest revenue potential and customer retention, and the ways to successfully launch them.

“Many service providers today face limitations in their ability to launch new services, protect revenue, and seamlessly provision and account for new services. In some cases, ostensible “back office costs” actually prevent organizations from launching new services”, says Todd Benjamin, president of Rodopi Software. “This session will address these issues head on with numerous insights into better enabling back-office environments to reduce costs and time to market.”

The objective of the session will be to arm every attendee with the essential advice they need to succeed in small business hosting and email services in 2005, for a total investment in time of approximately 22 minutes.

Engels concludes, “Over 600 attendees to our previous program were delighted with the content and value of the information provided. If anything, we’ve improved the format even further with the addition of live, moderated discussion.”

To learn more about Hosting 2005 Update or to register, please visit www.hostopia.com/seminar2004.

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