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Did You Know...?

Rodopi Software Tips and Tricks
March 2005, Volume V
In an effort to provide you with the best-known-methods available to most efficiently utilize your Rodopi Software system, we have compiled a list of “tips and tricks” that we will share with you eight times annually. This information is stored in the Rodopi Knowledge Base, available at
Did you know...
How to Import Rate Tables?
In order to bill VoIP customers for different plans, all the applicable rate tables must reside in Rodopi’s IP telephony module. You have the option of creating the rate plans within Rodopi’s IP telephony module or creating them separately and importing them into Rodopi. This document will tell you how to import externally created rate tables.
Did you know...
How to Import Customers From Another Database?
To add customers from another database into your Rodopi system, you’ll need to know the most efficient method to import the information from the other system. This document will help you to do that with maximum success.
Did you know...
How to Set Up Rodopi to Search All Accounts?
Unless all of your accounts are active, you may not be able to search disabled or inactive accounts. Learn how to configure Rodopi so that you can search all accounts in the data base.

To view these tips and more, please visit our Knowledge Base. To share your tips with other Rodopi users, please visit our Discussion Board.
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