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Did You Know...?

Rodopi Software Tips and Tricks
April 2005, Volume VI
In an effort to provide you with the best-known-methods available to most efficiently utilize your Rodopi Software system, we have compiled a list of “tips and tricks” that we will share with you eight times annually. This information is stored in the Rodopi Knowledge Base, available at
Did you know...
How to Correct Your Billing Dates?
In the instance that you notice that your daily billing is not functioning or your billing date has been removed from the system, the cause may lie in the system clock in your SQL server agent. This document will tell you how to make the necessary corrections to get up and running again.
Did you know...
How to Upgrade from an Existing 5.3 Server to a New 5.4 Server?
Use this easy method to ugrade and turn up a new Rodopi v 5.4 server, without downtime for your existing v 5.3 system.
Did you know...
How to Translate Rodopi into Different Languages?
These documents will explain the procedure to translate the user and administrative interfaces of Rodopi into a language other than English. There are two areas to be translated First, for the web (html) interfaces:

And second, for the internal (system generated) messages:

To view these tips and more, please visit our Knowledge Base. To share your tips with other Rodopi users, please visit our Discussion Board.