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Rodopi Software Tips and Tricks
August, 2004, Volume 1
In an effort to provide you with the best-known-methods available to most efficiently utilize your Rodopi Software system, we have compiled a list of “tips and tricks” that we will share with you eight times annually. This information is stored in the Rodopi Knowledge Base, available at http://kb.rodopi.com/kb/index.pl.
Did you know...
How to Reconcile Financial Reports with Rodopi Reports?
There are four reports in Rodopi that are used for reconciliation:
  1. Accounts Receivable
  2. Recurring Sales
  3. Non-Recurring Sales
  4. Payments
Did you know...
How to Use Automated Clearing House (ACH) to Collect Customer Payments?
Dessa Hix, of MultiPro and a Rodopi Customer, discusses one idea that saved money and time.
Did you know...
What to do if You Lose Your Systems Administrator (SA) Password?
Suneel Jhangiani, of Inter-Computer Technology Ltd., sent us this tip illustrating how to reset an SA password.

To view these tips and more, please visit our Knowledge Base. To share your tips with other Rodopi users, please visit our Discussion Board.
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