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New Revenue
  • VoIP
  • Access
  • Video
  • E-mail
  • Content
  • Hosting
  • Others

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How to Add New
Services to Increase
Revenue & Profitability?

Rodopi’s flexible service
architecture, & third party
plug-ins pave the way
for service providers to
attract and retain
customers by enabling
revenue producing services
and minimizing time to
market. Ask us how at

Did You Know...?

Rodopi Software Tips and Tricks
September, 2004, Volume 2
In an effort to provide you with the best-known-methods available to most efficiently utilize your Rodopi Software system, we have compiled a list of “tips and tricks” that we will share with you eight times annually. This information is stored in the Rodopi Knowledge Base, available at
Did you know...
How to Correct Your Daily Billing Features?
If you notice that your daily billing functions are not operating properly, it may be due
to the fact that the date within the Rodopi application is incorrect.

Did you know...
How to Activate the Security Features for Rodopi in Windows® 2000?
Learn how to activate and adapt Rodopi’s security features to your specific needs, even for
those individuals that are not systems administrators.
Did you know...
How to Manually Deactivate a Customer Account in Rodopi?
Once a customer has been inactive for a prescribed amount of time, you may want to
delete them from the system.

To view these tips and more, please visit our Knowledge Base. To share your tips with other Rodopi users, please visit our Discussion Board.
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