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Rodopi Software Tips and Tricks
November, 2004, Volume III
In an effort to provide you with the best-known-methods available to most efficiently utilize your Rodopi Software system, we have compiled a list of “tips and tricks” that we will share with you eight times annually. This information is stored in the Rodopi Knowledge Base, available at
Did you know...
How to Integrate VOP RADIUS?
VOP Radius is a product of Vircom and it is integrated with Rodopi for authentication and accounting purposes. Once Rodopi and VOP Radius are integrated, authentication and accounting is seamless and automatic and you won’t have to manually enter the username/password in the text file in RADIUS server.

Did you know...
How to Install Rodopi on a Windows® 2003 Server?
Learn how to activate and adapt Rodopi’s functionality so that it works with your Windows 2003 server.
Did you know...
How to Install “Forgot Password?” Functionality in Rodopi?
With many passwords and codes to remember, it’s easy for customers to misplace or forget their passwords. Using Rodopi’s PirinXR feature, you can set up a “Forget Password?” function to help your customers access the system.

To view these tips and more, please visit our Knowledge Base. To share your tips with other Rodopi users, please visit our Discussion Board.
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